Performance Management

At KLK we put big emphasize on the personal and technical advancement of our employees. Only if every employee can unfold his personal skills and the expertise linked with it completely, the enterprise may achieve the desired best performances. We promote individual strengths and our younger generation in general stems out of our own rows. Talents are not only searched at KLK EMMERICH GmbH steadily, however, above all they are particularly promoted.

Our performance management system comes along with this philosophy as well as with our intended standardization and is seen as the center of our entrepreneurial acting, the recognition and responsibility towards our employees.

We firmly believe in the fact that our enterprise is only as good as the team standing behind us formed out of many employees of different branches of profession. KLK is viewed as an attractive employer also externally. This is also the reason, why we try to steadily motivate our employees with a variety of offered benefits – among them above all the offer and the support by the realization of conducting education measures. Since we believe: only those who have fun at their work may and like to perform a good job. By the usage of our performance management system each employee has the chance to actively influence the benefits offered to him or her.