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KSP Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.

KSP Manufacturing utilizes fresh supplies of Fatty Acids from Palm-Oleo via pipeline transfer for its manufacturing process. A joint venture between KLK and Palm-Oleo, the plant was commissioned in 1996 and produces 100% vegetable-based high quality soap noodles.

The focus on building a strong spirit of competitiveness, reliability, process flexibility and quality consistency has placed KSP among the top reputable soap base manufacturers in the world. KSP's signature product, PALMOSALT is a natural soap base widely sought after by international luxury brands. It is biodegradable, 100% vegetable-based and produced from readily renewable and sustainable natural resources. Among the crucial winning merits of PALMOSALT are its high degree of whiteness and purity as well as its excellent lathering properties, good skin feel and high perfume retention qualities.