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Palm-Oleo Sdn. Bhd.

As of 1st January 2021, KSP Manufacturing Sdn Bhd and Palmamide Sdn Bhd's operations merge into Palm-Oleo Sdn Bhd.

A joint venture between KLK, Mitsui & Co., Ltd., Miyoshi Oil & Fat Co., Ltd. and Asahi Denka Kyogo K.K., it is one of the earliest resource-based manufacturing investments by KLK. With its latest merger (KSP Manufacturing Sdn Bhd and Palmamide Sdn Bhd), Palm-Oleo is one of the world's largest standalone Oleochemical producers. The combined plants produce PALMERA Fatty Acids and Glycerine; PALMOSALT Soap Noodles; PALMOWAX Fatty Acid Bis-Amides, and a wide range of PALMOCOL Alkanolamides.

Palm-Oleo's superior product quality is guaranteed by a team of professionals working in an environment certified Halal, GMP, GMP+B2, HACCP, BRC Food, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 45001:2018 standards.

Fatty Acids form the critical mass of many everyday products globally. Widely accepted and sought after by its high level of stability and consistency, PALMERA Fatty Acids is being used extensively by many well-known international brands in industries such as pharmaceuticals, soap, and detergents cosmetics, food emulsifiers, varnishes and paints. PALMERA Glycerine also finds broad appeal in many industries due to its outstanding stability and quality consistency, crucial criteria for many of today's products.

Utilizing the fresh supplies of distilled Fatty Acids, the natural PALMOSALT Soap Noodles or Soap Bases are widely sought by international luxury brands. It is biodegradable, 100% vegetable-based and produced from readily renewable and sustainable natural resources. Among the crucial winning merits of PALMOSALT are its high degree of whiteness and purity and its excellent lathering properties, good skin feel and high perfume retention qualities.

PALMOWAX Fatty Acid Bis-Amides (also known as EBS) is an excellent internal and external lubricant for thermoplastic and thermoset systems due to its much higher melting point than other primary amides. EBS functions as slip additive and releasing agent in moulded engineering metal parts. In masterbatch production, EBS is incorporated for added-value lubricating resin performance.

As nonionic secondary surfactants, PALMOCOL Alkanolamides have been widely used for years in many liquid cleaning formulations. PALMOCOL Alkanolamides are the preferred choice due to its nitrosamine-free feature resulting from our superior process technology. PALMOCOL is an excellent thickener and foam booster in personal care, cosmetic and home care products.