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Palmamide Sdn. Bhd.

Palmamide is a joint venture between KLK and Mitsui. The plant started commercial production in 1997 and is one of the largest fatty acid bis-amides producers in the world. With a direct pipeline transfer of Fatty Acids from Palm-Oleo, the plant produces high quality PALMOWAX Fatty Acid Bis-Amides and a wide range of PALMOCOL Alkanolamides.

PALMOWAX Fatty Acid Bis-Amides and PALMOCOL Alkanolamides are biodegradable, 100% vegetable-based and produced from readily renewable and sustainable natural resources. PALMOWAX Fatty Acid Bis-Amides is a good internal and external lubricant for thermoplastic and thermoset systems due to its much higher melting point compared to other primary amides. PALMOCOL Alkanolamides is an additive with emulsifying and solubilizing properties, popularly used as a non-ionic surfactant. Commonly used in the personal care and home care industries, PALMOCOL is highly valued for its excellent thickening effects as well as foam boosting and stabilizing properties.