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Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Growing to be the most trusted global partner in oleo-based products and solutions, thus enriching human lives in a sustainable manner every day.

Our Mission

  • Consistent delivery of competitive high quality products and solutions that are focused on meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

  • Value addition through commitment to the highest standards of operational excellence driven by a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

  • Cultivating a team that values and develops people of all backgrounds through empowerment and recognition.

  • Values built on the legacy of ethical practices embraced by its founder, committed to operate responsibly and with integrity.

Our Values

  • Integrity

    We value professional honesty and sincerity above all.

  • Loyalty

    We care for our colleagues as family and the Company as our own. We uphold the Company’s interest through thick and thin.

  • Humility

    We respect our colleagues as partners and regard them as valuable contributors to our Company’s success.

  • Team spirit

    We cooperate with our colleagues across geographical, divisional and functional boundaries to achieve Company’s goals.

  • Result-oriented performance

    We take pride in our work and are happy to walk the extra mile to get the desired results.

  • Innovation

    We seek for better ways of doing things and embrace change to adapt our business to the market and environment.