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As a global oleochemicals producer, KLK OLEO offers an array of high quality, innovative and sustainable specialty, functional and basic ingredients for home, beauty and personal care industries. Our production portfolio ranges from basic oleochemical products, such as Fatty Acids, Glycerine, Fatty Alcohols and Fatty Esters, all the way down the spectrum to specialities, such as Alkoanolamides, Methyl Ester Sulphonates (MES), Sulphates and Ethoxylates. They cover functional efficacies ranging from active detergents, cleaning agents, surfactants, emulsifiers, wetting agents, emollients, emulsifiers, foam boosters, viscosity thickeners, humectants, surfactants, pearlescents, antioxidants, skin brighteners, anti-aging agents and many more.

Key Products Showcase:

Naturally Derived Surfactants

  • PALMFONATE Methyl Ester Sulphonates (MES)
  • SYMPARE Methyl Ester Sulphonates (MES)
  • TENSOPOL Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)
  • TENSAGEX Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES)
  • PALMOCOL Alkanolamides


Meet us to discover ingredients that deliver proven performance, are environmentally friendly, and support innovative formulations.

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