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Testimonial from Ms. Yvette Overberg

I am so excited as my skin has really improved so much and a notable decrease in the melasma / hyperpigmentation in just two months, and I am feeling really great.

I have been on a journey for the past 8 to 10 years trying to get rid of hyperpigmentation / melasma due to many years of sun exposure while road running and also now being post menopausal. I have tried various face creams and treatments but without significant results.

I have to say I was really excited when I came across the DavosLife E3 Complete Softgel and DavosLife Revive Skin Care Set products, as it is everything I could ever wish for. I am extremely grateful to DavosLife for allowing me to try these 2 products and have been using it in combination for 2 months now.

Yvette’s Beauty Protocol


“I am most definitely going to continue my journey with DavosLife and using these high quality products as I firmly believe that it really works. The proof is in the evaluation photos taken thus far.”

Ms. Yvette from South Africa

Left (14 Dec 2021) vs Right (7 Feb 2022)

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DavosLife Revive

About DavosLife Products

Tocotrienols are natural ingredients that can help you achieve youthful glowing skin. Daily supplementation of DavosLife E3 Complete Softgel complement by DavosLife Revive Skin Care Set can help to combat multiple skin issues more efficiently both from inside and out.

Davos Life Science products contain strong antioxidant tocotrienols. It protects our skin against oxidative stress and increase collagen production. Tocotrienols’ strong anti-inflammatory properties can soothe and relieve distressed skin, protect our skin against pollution and restore skin barrier function. It can also fight and help clear the skin of pigmentation and dark spots.

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