Promoting Brain Health and Anti-Aging with DavosLife E3 Tocotrienols

Vitamin E Delays Cognitive Decline
Vitamin E supplementation has been found to delay disease progression in patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s Disease1. Using a composite end point of any one of the following outcomes: death, institutionalization, loss of two out of three basic activities of daily living and severe dementia, the investigators were able to demonstrate that vitamin E supplementation delayed the occurrence of the composite end point from a median of 440 days to 670 days.

Prevention of Dementia with Vitamin E
A large population-based observational study found that healthy older adults who used antioxidants including vitamin E were 50% less likely to experience cognitive decline at 5 years follow-up compared with those who did not2. Recently, a large cohort study with 5395 participants who were followed up for 9.6 years, found that those with the highest intake of vitamin E-rich foods were 25% less likely to develop dementia compared with the lowest vitamin E intake group3.

Vitamin E, A Distinctive Antioxidant
Vitamin E is a collective name for a family of eight related fat-soluble isomers, tocopherols and tocotrienols, each composed of α-, β-, γ- and δ- that have varying levels of health-promoting properties. They are found in vegetation and seeds with distinctive antioxidant and biological activities to prevent disease and to promote general health. Since oxidative stress is known to contribute to the development of cognitive impairment and dementia, tocotrienols have been used for prevention and possible treatment4-6. While tocopherols are important, they lack many of the synergistic benefits offered by their other half, the tocotrienols. Scientists are discovering that tocotrienols provide valuable therapeutic and preventive options for aging-associated diseases that tocopherols may not provide. Tocotrienols alleviate inflammation due to oxidative stress by free radical scavenging activity as well as interacting with antioxidant enzymes such as superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase.

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