People are the Focus

In addition to a good working atmosphere, the employees of KLK EMMERICH GmbH are offered an interesting and exciting range of work with challenging tasks in an international environment. Since people are considered our most important resource, we are particularly concerned that our employees are and remain healthy. This is the only way they can carry out their daily work with constant motivation. Our occupational health management helps to prevent accidents and work-related illnesses and to actively promote and strengthen the health of our employees.

As a holistically thinking company, our health management is also comprehensive and preventive. It ranges from various sports offers to individual counselling in cases of psychological stress and our company integration management to the organisation of, among other things, sporting team events and company events.

KLK EMMERICH GmbH also attaches great importance to its employees being able to combine the demands of their professional and private lives in the best possible way. Performance-related, attractive remuneration is fair for us and is thus taken for grante