Performance Management

At KLK, we also attach great importance to the personal and professional development of our employees. Only when each employee can fully develop his or her personal skills and the associated expertise, the company can achieve the desired best performance. Individual strengths are promoted and our junior staff generally come from our own ranks. At KLK EMMERICH GmbH, talent is not only constantly sought, but above all particularly encouraged.

Our own performance management system goes hand in hand with this philosophy as well as with our aspired standardisation and is the centre of our entrepreneurial actions, the recognition of our employees and our responsibility towards them.

We firmly believe that as a company we are only as good as the team behind us, made up of many employees from a wide range of professions, and we are also regarded externally as an attractive employer. This is also the reason why we try to constantly motivate our employees with a variety of benefits on offer – including, above all, the offer and support of further training measures. For we believe: only those who enjoy their work can and want to do a good job. With our performance management system, the employees themselves have the chance to actively influence the benefits offered to them.