Even though vitamin E has been well studied for their absorption and metabolic fate, the concentration of Tocotrienols in blood plasma were found to be much lower than Tocopherols. Absorption of Tocotrienols in human body is typically enhanced in the presence of a high fat diet but there is still high variability in absorption efficiency between individuals.

DavosLife E3 Bio-Enhanced 20, a proprietary formulation overcomes this uncertainty by delivering Tocotrienols consistently at much higher levels than current commercially available products. Upon ingestion, DavosLife E3 Bio-Enhanced 20 forms micro/nano emulsion in the gut which enables high absorption into the body and reduces breakdown in the liver, independent of dietary fat or food intake. DavosLife E3 Bio-Enhanced 20 enables formation of a SEDS which gives higher oral bioavailability, at least 2 times higher than market SEDS formulation as shown in Figure.

Figure: Oral Bioavailability of Tocotrienols Formulations

Key Benefits of DavosLife E3 Bio-Enhanced 20

  • SEDS Formulated
    Fine oil droplets formed upon ingestion giving higher surface area for absorption and reduced breakdown by liver.
  • Increased Absorption
    At least 2 times higher oral bioavailability compared to market SEDS formulation.
  • High Tocotrienol Levels
    Plasma levels of Tocotrienol isomers over α-Tocopherol, resulting in overall enhanced benefits.
  • Enhanced Benefits
    Tocotrienols, but not α-Tocopherol, are found to have properties beyond anti-oxidation including reduction of stroke induced injury, reduction of white matter lesion, cholesterol and triglyceride control and aid in recovery of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.