The DavosLife E3™ product (“DavosLife Product”) is protected by patents in a number of jurisdictions. The information on this webpage is to provide details of the patents with which the DavosLife Product is associated and serves as notice to the public that the DavosLife Product is a patented product. This webpage is accessible to the public without charge.

Australian Patent No. 2015354848
China 中国发明专利申请 ZL 201580063930.4
Europe Patent No. 3223795
Indian Patent No. 331319
Indonesian Patent No. IDP000066022
Japan Patent No. 6675413
Macao Patent No. J/004564
Malaysia Patent No. MY-182652-A
New Zealand Patent No. 731986
Philippines Patent No. 1-2017-500943
Singapore Patent No. 11201704137R
South Korea Patent No. 10-2414627
US Patent No. 10,493,055
US Patent No. 10,478,417

Applications for Patent are Pending in:

Country Application Number
Brazil BR1120170109123
Canada 2968523
EPO 15863611.8
Thailand 1701002856

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