Buzz at Vitafoods Europe 2015

The recent launch of Davoslife’s Naturale³ Bio-enhanced 20 created quite a buzz at Vitafoods Europe 2015 held in Geneva, Switzerland. The exhibition booth was packed with participants eager to hear about the new product. It was also featured in Vitafoods’ Innovation tour for “Innovative ways to enhance bioavailability”. It was one of the 5 innovation tours in Vitafoods covering various themes.

Bioavailability was one of the chosen theme for the typical challenge in enhancing bioavailability with nutrients. Each tour was limited to only 20 participants lead by a Vitafoods tour guide. It was a busy three days at the event, which attracted some 15,627 visitors and more than 800 exhibitors.

At the booth, Dr. Sharon Ling, our Regional Manager for Europe, explained about the consistently higher increase –by as much as two-folds – in the delivery of tocotrienol than current commercially available products. Participants also had the chance to learn about Naturale³ range of Tocotrienols assured to various legislations on Dioxins, Benzo(a)pryene and PCBs, collectively known as Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) .

It has been the result of extensive research and development and technology investment, and DavosLife is delighted to share the fruits of our proprietary technology. “We were so busy that our meetings were back-to-back like running a marathon. It was an exhausting but fruitful event as we had the opportunity to meet our customers and interested parties. A lot of important ties have been forged,” said Ms. Mary Kueh, General Manager for Fine Chemicals.