Patent Announcement

Davos Life Science is pleased to announce the issuance of the following patents covering the “Formulation for Effective Tocotrienol Delivery”:

  • Australian Patent No. 2015354848
  • Indian Patent No. 331319
  • Japan Patent No. 6675413
  • New Zealand Patent No. 731986
  • US Patent No. 10,493,055
  • US Patent No. 10,478,417
  • Indonesian Patent No. P00201703601

The patented formulation covers a self-emulsifying drug delivery formulation for improved delivery of Tocotrienols.

This formulation shows an improved bioavailability of Tocotrienols. Davos Life Science commissioned an opened-label, randomised, 4-way cross-over clinical study to compare the bioavailability of DavosLife E3 Bio-Enhanced 20 with a market sample. This study was conducted on 28 healthy volunteers with a dosage of 200 mg Tocotrienols. DavosLife E3 Bio-Enhanced 20 was found to offer 46% higher bioavailability compared to a market sample. Learn more.

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