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More fund for palm oil-based vitamin E tests

Palm oil tocotrienols: Breakthroughs in medical research

The government has more than doubled funding to test the benefits of palm oil derived vitamin E on humans.

Starting next year, the government, via Malaysia Palm Oil Board, will work together with teams of doctors in Malaysia, Singapore, the US and Australia to find out the effectiveness of palm oil vitamin E in preventing degenerative diseases.

The human triels are going to cost RM20million. Six principal investigators will determine the effects of tocotrienols on stroke, cancer, diabetes and children who suffer attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD).

DavosLife Head of R&D, Dr Fong Chee Wai (3rd from left) has shortlisted as one of six principal investigators receives a grant from the MPOB during the International Palm Oil Conference (PIPOC) on November 16, 2011 in Malaysia. The grant will be used to drive the conduct of clinical trials investigating the safety and efficacy of tocotrienols in patients with prostate cancer.

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The recipients of the RM20 million fund are Professor Bharat B. Aggarwal of Anderson Cancer Centre in the US, Professor Chandan Sen of Ohio State University in the US, Dr Fong Chee Wai of Davos Life Science, Professor Yip Cheng Har of Universiti Malaya Medical Centre, Professor Yuen Kah Hay of Universiti Sains Malaysia and Dr Tan May Loong of Penang Medical College.

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