KLK OLEO planted 200 Trees at Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary

In line with our sustainability commitment and in conjunction with the Palm & Lauric Price Outlook Conference (POC), KLK OLEO partnered with APE Malaysia (Animal Projects & Environmental Education Sdn. Bhd.) and planted 200 trees in the lower Kinabatangan River Wildlife Sanctuary in Sabah, Malaysia. These trees are to reconnect the forest corridors that serve as habitats for endangered animals.

The following trees were planted on plot 05°27’20.56″ E118°14’24.37″.

Tree Species Number of Trees
Bangkal (Neonauclea subdita) 66
Talisai Paya (Terminalia copelandii) 36
Medang 3 Urat (Cinamomom sp) 10
Fig (Ficus sp) 9
Lamba (Colona seratifolia) 6
Simpoh Laki (Dillenia excelsa) 30
Obah Jangkang (Eugenia cerassiformis) 1
Tangkol Merah (Ficus sp) 1
Pulai (Alstonia sp) 3
Medang (Litsea sp) 2
Bayor (Pterospermum elongatum) 36

These trees will reach 5m in height in just 5 years and will converge with the rest of the trees to form the forest canopy in less than 10 years. We hope to hear gibbons and birds singing, monkeys swinging from tree to tree, and possibly an orangutan nesting high in the trees!

APE will provide updates on its reforestation site on their social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube.

KLK OLEO for POC 2023 Certificate

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