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KLK OLEO Shares Sustainability Progress in in-Cosmetics Global 2018

Every year, a European city is chosen to become the global centre of Beauty. This year’s In-Cosmetics was held in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, from April 17 to 19. “In-Cosmetics Global” is the most important trade exhibition for suppliers, distributors, and customers of cosmetic ingredients.

KLK OLEO group companies are very well regarded in the market, our ingredients can be found in many products, from hair dye products to bubble baths, and from mild soap for sensitive skin to luxury make-up.  Prior to and during the show, there was much excitement around the trend of nutricosmetics and we took the opportunity to promote our DavosLife E3 Tocotrienols which falls into this category.

The preparation for this event was certainly a global affair, involving colleagues from Malaysia, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, UK, and Switzerland, using different communication channels, including webinar sessions.  The theme for this year’s In-Cosmetics was “Beautify your life”.  While beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, there is no denying that beauty invokes spontaneous positive feelings.  And in KLK OLEO, we manufacture high quality ingredients that are used in cosmetic products which accompany us throughout the day.

Because our products are so closely associated with personal care, we are strongly committed to supplying the best.  Our business strategies and operations are deeply rooted in sustainability. As a major resource-based manufacturer, it is all the more important for us to embrace sustainability in every aspect of our business processes as we are dealing directly with natural raw materials and vast resources.

This year, we showcased KLK OLEO’s serious commitment towards Sustainability. Visitors at the Sustainability Corner had the opportunity to hear Ms. Ung Yee Wei, our KLK OLEO Technical Director, speak on how KLK OLEO has successfully incorporated the concept of Sustainability within our Supply Chain.

Ms. Ung walked the audience through KLK OLEO’s progress in Sustainable Supply Chain Management, and shared how through a structured third party Supply Chain Management Program, and a Risk-based Sustainability Sourcing Framework, we have made good progress reaching out to various stakeholders. For the financial year 2017, based on desktop tracing, we have successfully trace our supply base up to 84%, consisting of 1,161 mills.  We believe a lot more can be achieved when we work together, leveraging and building on strategic partnerships towards a common goal.

The next In-Cosmetics will be held next April in Paris. We certainly look forward to sharing more new developments and products there!

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