Make No Bones About It

Drugs that treat osteoporosis mainly fo­cus on preventing further bone loss, and they “come with many side effects such as muscle cramps, stomach distress, and head­aches,” Lee suggests. Further, he believes science is pointing toward tocotrienols as a safe and efficacious option for bone health via its antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, and mevalonate-suppressing activities.

More research, especially clinical trials, needs to be done. But Lee is good with that. He says his company is embarking in the near future on conducting clinical trials to further establish tocotrienols’ efficacy in promoting bone formation. “It is very important to es­tablish efficacy, and clinical trials are the gold standard for claims substantiation in the in­dustry. There are also research gaps that need to be filled, especially in further illustrating the mechanism of action [of tocotrienols].”

As the science moves to the next phase, and if it continues to show promise, Lee envisions the possibility that “tocotrienols supplementation can be used as a long-term inexpensive measure to reduce the degree of risk and delay the onset of osteoporosis.”

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