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New Product! Palm Vitamin E Isomer Kit (for HPLC Vitamin E calibration)

New product !

The Palm Vitamin E Isomer Kit in n-Heptane (ready-for-use)

  • 1500 ppm d-alpha-tocopherol (d-α-TP)
  • 1500 ppm d-alpha-tocomonoenol (d-α-T1)
  • 1500 ppm d-alpha-tocotrienol (d-α-T3)
  • 1500 ppm d-beta-tocotrienol (d-β-T3)
  • 1500 ppm d-gamma-tocotrienol (d-γ-T3)
  • 1500 ppm d-delta-tocotrienol (d-δ-T3)

Please visit our 101st AOCS Annual Meeting and Expo Presentations and booth in Phoenix, Arizona on May 16-19, 2010

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