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Tocotrienols – Antioxidant for better protection

The days of consuming only tocopherol supplements because they were the only ones available are over. The demand for Tocotrienols supplements is gradually increasing.

In order to reap the full benefits of Tocotrienols, one must find and use a supplement that provides the complete spectrum. This can better help ensure you are giving your body what it needs to achieve optimal health and wellness. As Tocotrienols have been concluded as GRAS for its intended use in foods and beverages, they are used as a functional ingredient in foods and beverages as a source of natural vitamin E and antioxidants. With various commercially available forms in the market, these are easily incorporated into a myriad of, not limiting to fats or oils, bakery products, ready-to-eat cereals, meal replacement, functional beverages, juice drinks, frozen dairy desserts, confectionary and chewing gum.

Read this article to get the full insights of the health benefits brought to you by DavosLife E3 Tocotrienols.

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