PALMOSALT Soap Noodles


KLK OLEO offers a wide range of soap compositions for different formulations and quality aspects. Due to its wide-ranging versatility and overall properties, PALMOSALT range of Soap Noodles meets the varied needs of our clients in the cosmetic, toiletry and laundry detergent manufacturing industries.

HIGH LOADING Soap Noodle is a versatile base for dense, creamy and silky lather bar soap. It possesses excellent additive high-loading properties; for example, greater perfume leading results in better perfume retention and subsequently continued release. As it is versatile & specialised in usage, the base offers flexibility for cosmetic & toiletry companies launching new varieties of bar soap trend products in the market.

NOMAR Soap Noodle was developed to enhance the look and condition of complex soap shapes and patterning. Its excellent processing characteristics and properties enable the production and easy manufacture of intricate shapes in soap bars.