Integrated, Reliable and Sustainable

KLK and its subsidiaries including KLK OLEO are committed to protecting all its resources and incorporating environmentally friendly methods into its practices policies.

At KLK OLEO, our principles on sustainability are guided by integrity.

A strong sense of community is important to us. KLK policy reaches deep into the social welfare of its communities, through the provision of education and accessible health care.

No deforestation and no new development in peat areas are the fundamental commitment from us that all oleochemicals produced are sustainable.

After 6 years of experience in multisite RSPO Supply Chain Certification, KLK OLEO is now having 15 manufacturing facilities certified, strategically located in Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Europe. Our capability in delivering Traceable, Segregated and Mass Balance certified oleo-based products enable KLK OLEO continues to grow as the most trusted global partner in oleo-based products and solutions.

Environmental management such as energy consumption, GHG emissions, water consumption, and solid waste generation are all closely monitored at sustainable levels.

KLK OLEO Sustainable Practices are recognised by world standards, and is an exemplary model to sustain the ecological balance of the environment, during the production and manufacturing of oleochemicals produced.

KLK OLEO. Trusted to enrich the global population with sustainability.