EDENOR Glycerine Pharma Grade


EDENOR Glycerine is a pharmaceutical excipient. It is 100% natural and derived from renewable resources. EDENOR Glycerine is a non-toxic, hygroscopic, colourless, odourless and sweet-tasting viscous liquid. It is a good solubiliser, lubricant, plasticiser and agent for moisturising and preserving purposes.

Pharma Grade
Pharma Grade
  • Product code: G 86 PH, G 99.8 PH
  • Application: As a solubiliser, lubricant, plasticiser, moisturising and preserving agent in many topical and systemic medications such as capsules, cough syrups, ear drops, emulsions, enzymes, eye drops, inhalation aerosols, injections, lozenges,  medical chewing gums, ointments, parenteral nutrition, suppositories, etc.