PALMOWAX Fatty Acid Bis-Amides


PALMOWAX Fatty Acid Bis-Amides exhibit excellent lubricating properties internally and/or externally in most plastics such as ABS, PS, PP, and etc. PALMOWAX is available as Ethylene Bis-Stearamide (EBS) & Ethylene Bis-Oleamide (EBO). PALMOWAX can be a binder in the precise engineering metal part. Its good dispersing ability and surface migration allows PALMOWAX to be used in the ink industries. When used in asphalt binder for road making, PALMOWAX increases its softening point and enhances its visco-elasticity. Other applications of bis-amide are in synthetic rubbers, wire drawing, defoaming agents, synthetic fibers, adhesive tape roll and etc.

Ethylene Bis-Stearamide
Ethylene Bis-Stearamide (EBS)
  • Product code:

    Atomised; 1% ≤ on 325 mesh
    Bead; 15% ≤ on 10 mesh
    SF; 85% ≥ pass 200 mesh
    SP; 90% ≥ pass 16 mesh
    SR; 90% ≥ pass 16 mesh

  • Application: EBS is widely used in plastic industry as internal/external lubricants, mold releasing aids, dispersants and slip agents; As dispersants in printing inks; Increase softening point in asphalt modifiers; As lubricants in powder metal molding, rubber, adhesive, coatings, wire drawing, wood plastic composite; As defoamers in paper.
Ethylene Bis-Oleamide
Ethylene Bis-Oleamide (EBO)
  • Product code:

    SPO; 90% ≥ pass 16 mesh

  • Application: EBO is an excellent lubricant in plastic applications especially in styrenic polymer such as PS and ABS to help with polymer flow, mould release and anti-caking properties of the polymer; Also widely used as anti-blocking agents in PVC film and sheet.