In September 2007, KLK acquired Uniqema (M) Sdn. Bhd. (“UMSB”). The UMSB manufacturing facility was one of the earliest oleochemical plants in Malaysia, under the management of its previous owners Unilever and ICI/Uniqema/Croda. UMSB was subsequently renamed Palm-Oleo (Klang) Sdn. Bhd. (“POK”).

POK continues to manufacture its current range of products. The four key products are PALMERA Fatty Acids and Glycerine, PALMOSALT Soap Noodles and PALMESTER Fatty Esters. POK offers consistent, high quality PALMOSALT Soap Noodles through the neutralisation of distilled fatty acid under advanced process control. The plant is able to customise its soap noodle composition as per customer requirements and by employing innovative solutions via its state-of-the-art soap technical centre, is able to produce specialty soap bases. PALMESTER Fatty Esters, which range from mono-esters to polyol-esters are used in a wide range of applications such as industrial lubricants, textiles, cleaning, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, polymers, food, paint, inks etc. to provide surfactancy, solvency and lubricity.

KLK OLEO’s R&D Centre is set up in POK as an international research, development and technology hub to service and support its global oleochemical business. The R&D team is specialised in organic synthesis, spearheading advanced analytical support, and driving the innovation of high-value applications for oleochemical derivatives. Through the establishment of this R&D Centre, the KLK OLEO Group has been able to leverage on partner relationships on numerous collaboration projects.