Discover KLK OLEO’s complete beauty and personal care ingredients at in-cosmetics Asia!

Join KLK OLEO at in-cosmetics Asia 2022 to discover their complete beauty and personal care ingredients.

KLK OLEO is a global oleochemical producer, which has integrated complexes, with 13 manufacturing facilities located strategically in Malaysia, Indonesia, China, and Europe. KLK OLEO offers basic, functional and bioactive ingredients which include Fatty Acids, Glycerine, Fatty Alcohols, Alkanolamides, Fatty Esters, Surfactants and Tocotrienols (Super Vitamin E).

KLK OLEO will showcase various sustainable beauty and personal care ingredients at this event. These ingredients cover multiple functional efficacies, such as:

Anti-Ageing Emollient Pearlescent Green Surfactant
Foam Booster Humectant Opaficier Viscosity Modifier
Thickener Solubiliser Emulsifier and others…

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