Discover KLK OLEO’s extensive product portfolio for bio-lubricant and bio-fuel applications at Inter Lubric China 2023

KLK OLEO acquired Temix Oleo in April 2023. Together with Temix, we provide biodegradable and sustainable API Group V base oils, surfactants, chemical specialties, raw materials and customer-specific products with high bio-based carbon content for fuel and lubricant applications.

  • PALMESTER Biolubricant Base Oils and TEMEST Ester Base Oils have good lubricity, viscosity index, solvency & clean burning properties. The esters have excellent oxidative, thermal and hydrolytic stability, hence suitable for various lubricant applications.
  • PALMERE Methyl Esters, PALMEROL Fatty Alcohols, PALMERE Fatty Acids, and ACITEM Tallow-based Fatty Acids are suitable for metalworking fluid applications.
  • PALMERE Methyl Esters are suitable for fuel applications.

Bio-based specialty chemicals, making the match.