KLK OLEO Expands Business Footprint to the Americas

KLK OLEO is a global oleochemical producer with production portfolio ranges from basic oleochemical products, such as fatty acids, glycerine, fatty alcohols and fatty esters, all the way down the spectrum to specialties, such as methyl ester sulphonate (MES), surfactants and phytonutrients. KLK OLEO products are used in diverse end-use applications, including home & personal care, pharmaceuticals, food & nutrition, flavours & fragrances, lubricants, polymers and industrial chemicals.

KLK OLEO just expanded its business footprint to the Americas with a new sales office at Woodbury, NY, USA. KLK OLEO Americas (KLKOA) will oversee the sales and marketing in the United States, Canada and South America. And continuously maintain and build customer relationships for the KLK OLEO group product portfolio.

KLKOA will create a local distribution network through storage locations across the US for packed and bulk materials to serve the customers in the Americas region with just-in-time deliveries.

As a leader in quality, sustainability, and renewable ingredients worldwide, KLK OLEO is every formulator’s answer to creating sustainable products.

KLK OLEO Americas Inc. [KLKOA]
7600 Jericho Turnpike,
Woodbury, NY 11797,
United States.
T: +1 (718) 938 9465
E: info.americas@klkoleo.com