KLK OLEO invites you to Vitafoods Virtual Expo

VitaFoods Europe is the leading nutraceutical event of the year, connecting health and nutrition business leaders throughout the entire supply chain. At this year’s VitaFoods Virtual Expo, Davos Life Science will be highlighting a potential new application of Tocotrienols as a bioactive to protect the body from pollution-induced oxidative stress and low-grade chronic inflammation.

Research studies have shown that prolonged exposure to environmental air pollution can increase morbidity and mortality. Air pollution induces oxidative stress in skin, lung, vascular and heart tissue, triggering redox-sensitive pathways that lead to biological processes like inflammation and cell death.

Davos Life Science will showcase new research data demonstrating how Tocotrienols can reduce oxidative stress and inflammation markers, alongside practical demonstrations of how Tocotrienols can be incorporated into functional foods and beverages, to emphasise the applicability of Tocotrienols as a bioactive for anti-pollution. This will drive product differentiation for businesses to help them answer a growing consumer need.

Our sales representatives, Mr. Jimmy Yow and Dr. Sharon Ling will be available for pre-scheduled online meetings (via Vitafoods Virtual Expo platform) throughout 7 to 11 September 2020, so book a slot to talk to them about how Tocotrienols can be incorporated into anti-pollution formulations.

We look forward to connect with you!